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Champions of Change

revolutionizing individual, collective,

and organizational development

a social impact firm for the New Economy

partner with our intersectional team

in creating a future defined by inclusive intergenerational legacy and innovation


  • Tailored advocacy and purpose driven business plans

  • Cutting-edge product and service innovation

  • Human-centric future ready problem solving




  • Sophisticated brand development and marketing

  • Strategic communication and digital presence

  • State-of-the-art analytics and impactful outreach




  • Culturally informed property development investment

  • Building capacity of modern, hybrid teams structure

  • Tech AI-enhanced solutions for improved workflow alignment




  • Targeted fundraising and financial planning

  • Legal advisory and governance strategies

  • Advanced risk and business continuity management


Legal Capitalization


  • Effective public and private response and recovery

  • Resilience and preparedness against social and natural disaster

  • Comprehensive training for managers, officials, and community members


Risk Mitigation

Crisis Response

  • Cultivating performance, psychology-based workforce potential

  • Personalized leadership and thought partnership

  • Comprehensive wellness strategies for workforce efficacy and morale



Thought Insight











Easy to Work With.


Our social impact firm transcends conventional approaches by revolutionizing development. We are more than consultants; we are generative partners who collaboratively craft comprehensive transformative solutions with businesses, organizations, and communities. We believe that everyone deserves a voice, and that the most transformative ideas come from diverse perspectives.


Grounded in thoughtful research, we turn insights into actionable strategies. Steering clear of abstract theories, we prioritize practical, attainable plans that promote sustainable growth. Our expertise encompasses a broad spectrum of domains including ethical advocacy, wellness, risk management, financial and legal frameworks, marketing, and digital transformation. We go beyond simple problem-solving to offer comprehensive solutions that address the core needs of our partners and crucial contributors: workers, stakeholders, and community members.


Built upon co-creation and not unilateral action, our practice dismantles traditional hierarchies and uplifts our partners as leaders. Our methods are collaborative, thought provoking, and deeply inclusive. We understand that in order to address regressive, exploitative, and inadequately prepared systems we must go beyond the typical client relationships.


Join Us in building a sustainable, equitable, and resilient future through collective action as genuine partners.

How We Work



Our core process is centered around active, collaborative problem-solving. We use data and analytics to align values and work directly with your team, actively uncovering root causes and identifying untapped potential. Together, we develop strategies and plans that not only address immediate challenges but proactively equip your organization for the unique opportunities of tomorrow.


By turning complexities into clear pathways we train, guid, and implement innovative practices at every level. We prioritize cultivating a culture prepared for new methodologies and technologies. Building confidence and competence at every level and among all stakeholders


When continuous improvements and innovations become standard practice organizations unlock their true potential for exponential growth and maximum impact. Not only effective within our own communities, we create interoperability for real and lasting systems change

Challenges Accepted

and Transcended


We see roadblocks as the benchmarks of progress.

Whether they be financialoperationalstrategic,or systemic, each is an invitation to innovate and evolve

turn immediate challenges into

long-term success

we see roadblocks as the benchmarks of our progress whether they be: 

  • financial

  • operational

  • strategic

  • systemic


each is an invitation to innovate and evolve

turn immediate challenges into

long-term success

Leaders of Legacy

Trusted Partners

What our clients are saying


Leah Yurfset

This is the space to share a review from one of the business's clients or customers.

Roy Gold

This is the space to share a review from one of the business's clients or customers.

Nela Yliuay

This is the space to share a review from one of the business's clients or customers.

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